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Mediation and Arbitration

The lawyers at Anderlini & McSweeney LLP are frequently in court, representing clients in hearings and at trial. They also seek results for clients outside the courtroom, using alternative dispute resolution methods.

Anderlini & McSweeney LLP welcomes inquiries from law firms and individuals regarding our services in these areas. Call 650-242-4884 for a consultation with one of our lawyers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

While Anderlini & McSweeney LLP in San Mateo has earned a reputation for its trial advocacy skills, we recognize that litigation is not always the best way to resolve a dispute. We often achieve positive results for our clients using alternative dispute resolution techniques such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Our senior partners — P. Terry Anderlini and Brian J. McSweeney — have served as mediators and arbitrators in many civil disputes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having been involved in many such proceedings, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the process and its usefulness as a dispute resolution technique. Whether it involves a personal injury claim, a contract dispute or another civil matter, our experienced attorneys can help you.

Some of the most common circumstances in which arbitration is used include:

  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Real estate conflicts, such as homeowners association conflicts over covenants and restrictions (CCNRs)
  • Personal injury cases, including car accident cases involving uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Insurance disputes between the insurance company and the insured, especially claims of bad faith failure to pay

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