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It is not uncommon for people who are entitled to insurance benefits related to a health problem, an auto accident, a natural disaster causing damage to real estate, or a lawsuit to be denied those benefits by their own insurance companies. Consumers who purchase insurance policies typically trust the insurers to fulfill the terms of the policies in good faith when the need arises. Sadly, this is not always the case.

For professional guidance and assistance interpreting insurance policies and compelling insurers to fulfill their obligations, contact a denied insurance claim lawyer by scheduling a consultation at the San Mateo law firm of Anderlini & McSweeney LLP.

Investigating Claim Denials

Our insurance law attorneys investigate serious claim denials. We assist policyholders whose homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, health care insurance or professional liability insurance company has not lived up to its promise. We research appropriate statutes, interpret policies and negotiate with insurers to seek fulfillment of the benefits that were promised when the insurance policy was issued.

Resolving Claims Disputes

Often, we can resolve a matter through conversations, letters and other simple means of communication with insurance claim adjusters. Other times, litigation is necessary to hold an insurer accountable for bad faith insurance practices.

Our Experience on the Other Side

Our past experience writing insurance policies and handling insurance defense gives our clients a distinct advantage when we advocate for fair claim settlements on their behalf.

For more information on how we help insured persons obtain the insurance benefits that have been unfairly denied by insurers, contact a California insurance claim lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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